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Mega Cage

Mega Cage – Air Conditioner Cages

Mega Cage model # MACGU adjust to the same dimensions as our standard ACGU cage .Cage has 2″ flat steel appearance for a heavier look when expanded out for larger units.


NEW Expanded Metal!

shown on

Original cage model ACGU KIT

AC-Guard Mounting instructions

Original cage model ACGU Kit with expanded metal completely enclosed using 4 sheets of expanded metal from bulk pack AC-EMSM (20 pack) and 1 extra top bar, ACB, for attaching metal to top of cage
Note: 2 topbars, ACB, are required to attach expanded metal to the top and/or back of any unit


Mega Cage Kit

Model # MACGU KIT shown with optional 3 sides expanded metal

Model #AC-EMSM


Mini-Split Cage

Model #ACMS

Adjusts from 32″H x 32″W x 12″D to 57″H x 45″W x 18″D

Made of 16-gauge powder coated steel and comes with 2 locks

Attaching Hardware

Expanded Metal Powder Coated with Attaching Hardware.

Expanded Metal Installation Instructions

Model #
Qty AC
AC-EMS 24 x 30 3
AC-EMSM 24 x 30 20
AC-EML 36 x 40 3
AC-EMLM 36 x 40 20
powder coated expanded metal

New powder coated expanded metal comes in 2 sizes.

    • Model # AC-EMS 24″ x 30 ” 3 pack
    • Model # AC-EML 36″ x 40 ” 3 pack
    • Model # AC-EMSM 24″x 30″ 20 pack
    • Model# AC-EMLM 36″ x 40″ 20 pack

includes mounting hardware.

Bulk or Multipack