AC-Guard™ Air Conditioner Cages Our Air Conditioner Cages are made out of 16 gauge steel. Very easy to install and adjusts to fit almost every size A/C unit from residential to commercial. It has a pleasing appearance and can be easily removed for maintenance. Very affordable low cost. Our air conditioner cages tells the copper thief to move down the road.

AC Guard kit

AC-Guard™ Kit

Original AC-Guard unit. Powder coated 16-gauge steel construction. Expandable from 34″x30″x30″ to 59″x51″x51″ with AC-Guard™ Top Bar, and AC-Guard™ Locks.


Mini-Split Cage

Model #ACMS

Adjusts from 32″H x 32″W x 12″D to 57″H x 45″W x 16 1/2″D

Made of 16-gauge powder coated steel and comes with 2 locks


AC-Guard™ Unit

Original AC-Guard unit. Powder coated 16-gauge steel construction. Expandable from 34″x30″x30″ to 59″x51″x51″


AC-Guard™ Locks

Optional, “Not Included” with the Unit

Ask about them when you call.

Attn: Consumers and Contractors AC Guard locks are not environment proof and they must be lubricated occasionally to prevent tumblers from sticking,

We highly recommend lubricating with installation and every 6 months thereafter.


Top Bar

AC-Guard™ Top Bar

Adjustable top bar “Not Included” when purchasing unit only.


AC-Guard™ Mounting Bracket

This Mounting bracket is what is used to mount the air conditioner cages to the surface or pad your air conditioner is sitting on and is included with our air conditioner cages.

Mounting Bracket is “Included” with our air conditioner cages.


Mega Cage

Mega Cage model # MACGU adjust to the same dimensions as our standard ACGU cage. Cage has 2″ flat steel appearance for a heavier look when expanded out for larger units. Includes one Mega Bar and one top (or universal) bar.

AC-EML 3 pack

Model # MACGU

Expanded to larger size and shown with optional AC-EML multi-pack Expanded Metal. Additional top (or universal) bar is required if top panel of expanded metal is desired.



Mega Cage Kit

Model # MACGU KIT shown with optional 3 sides expanded metal model AC-EMS 3 pack

Attaching Hardware

Expanded Metal Powder Coated with Attaching Hardware.

Expanded Metal Installation Instructions

Model #
Qty AC
AC-EMS 24 x 30 3
AC-EMSM 24 x 30 20
AC-EML 36 x 40 3
AC-EMLM 36 x 40 20
New_Itempowder coated expanded metal

New powder coated expanded metal comes in 2 sizes.

    • Model # AC-EMS 24″ x 30 ” 3 pack and
    • model # AC-EML 36″ x 40 ” 3 pack

includes mounting hardware.

Bulk or multipack AC-EMSM 24″x 30″ 20 pack and AC-EMLM 36″ x 40″ 20 pack comes with mounting hardware .


Mini Split Wall Bracket

(2) Powder coated steel brackets reduces the possibility of rust and provides a long lasting aesthetically pleasing appearance.
[21 1/4" Length, 1 7/8" Width, 17 3/4" Height. 9000 BTU to 18000 BTU 760x180x230, 300lb maximum load.]