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AC-Guard™ And Why an Air Conditioner Cage


In  2006 there was much media attention in regards to people, both residences and business owners, having their air conditioning units stolen. Many of our friends had their units stolen. This cost them thousands of dollars to replace, and the thief ran away with only hundreds of dollars worth of copper.

I began to think about protecting my own unit, as well as my business system. Soon after, an idea for how best to protect these units came to me in the middle of the night. It was an attractive, adjustable, 3-way, protective cage. To my excitement, it passed my wife’s test. Not only did she like the fact that it would protect our investment, but she also was in favor of how aesthetically pleasing it was, even going so far as to say that the unit looked nicer with it on. This was the beginning of me believing that this may be something that everyone not only needs, but wants.

I quickly went to work fine-tuning the prototype, changing the size of the box steel, the way it attaches to the ground, and then researching and recording various brands and sizes of units to be certain that the AC Guard would expand to fit most any model.

After talking with law enforcement officials who informed me that thieves are in fact deterred by an AC unit with any sort of “protection” on them, I continued to go forward, but knew that the cage did not need to be built like Fort Knox to do the job (allowing it to remain affordable for everyone). People are putting all types of devices around their units to protect them from thieves, making their systems very unattractive.

The AC Guard delivers:

  • Protection
  • Is pleasing to the eye
  • Is affordable
  • Easy to install.

We have enjoyed this journey with our four boys, including them in the process every step of the way.

They have learned that in America you can take an idea and build it into a business, serving the needs of others and helping find a solution to a problem.

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